Green Hippo Tees was launched in November of 2018. After many years in the apparel business, having our own store and selling t-shirts online we decided to do something new.  For years we have sold our designs on venues such as Etsy, eBay and Amazon. While some of those venues were great experiences, we really needed one place online that we could focus on.  Here at you can find all of our current designs, and buy directly from us.

So why Green Hippo Tees?  What’s that all about, how did we come up with that name?  Well in December of 2016 I went on Christmas vacation in the Philippines.  A partner in the business and other staff handled all of the business while I was away.  While in the Philippines one day we ordered delivery from a restaurant called: “Hungry Hippo”.  I laughed, I couldn’t believe they had a restaurant chain named that.  They delivered the food to us and all of their packaging had this happy purple hippo on them.  The food was incredible!!  I ate at many places in the Philippines, but I never forgot Hungry Hippo.  After getting home from the Philippines about a year or so later I thought that I needed to have a company with Hippo in the name.  One day, three of us sat at a Tim Horton’s restaurant having coffee and brainstorming names and ideas with Hippo for t-shirts.  How we came up with “Green”, I’ll never know.  Green isn’t even my favorite color.  But once we said it, we all knew that it had to be Green Hippo.  The “Tees” was the easy part, we came up with that quickly after we decided on Green Hippo.  Now we had a name: Green Hippo Tees.

Now we needed a logo…  I tried to come up with things myself for a green hippo design and they just weren’t what I was looking for.  I contacted my brother that is a very popular tattoo artist in our area and asked him if he could draw up a hippo.  We told him everything that we wanted the hippo to look like and he went to work on the project.  We send us a few sketches and one of the sketches, I took and started to build our logo from.  Then suddenly a couple weeks later, my brother surprised me and said that he had finished the Hippo artwork.  I got a scan from him and it was completely different than his other sketches but it was exactly the logo that we were looking for.  Using his drawing as the base, our logo was born.

So now comes the website.  We had a custom website built for us back in 2015, not for Green Hippo Tees but for another concept back then.  We loved the design and we spent a fortune on it back in 2015.  So this is going to work perfectly right? Nope… We wanted to launch Green Hippo Tees website before Halloween of 2018.  We did a ton of things to the website that was built for us years prior, thought it was perfect.  Transferred the website and we were nearly ready to launch it.  After having to add some crucial coding one night, then entire thing crashed out.  We did have a backup but not with all of the changes that we made for Green Hippo Tees.  We tried to get it fixed but found that it was just too old and outdated.  So we ended up with no website after countless hours of work.  Over the next few months we built a brand new website ourselves.  We now have a stable, strong, robust and secure website for Green Hippo Tees.

Green Hippo Tees means so much for us.  We now have our own home on the internet to sell our designs.  We can better manage our stock, keep our prices low and keep in better communication with our customers.  We greatly appreciate all of our customers and we hope that gives everyone a great online experience.